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The 1974 LTD
No big changes to the LTD from 73 to 74.  The grille earned a few more horizotal lines while the LTD emblem made its way to be a hood ornament.  The engines still where the 351W, 400,  and 460, and the 429 was no longer available.  The Brougham seats were no longer high back, gaining a lower profile.

The Green Machine

This is the car I fell in love with.  My family bought it brand spakin' new in 1974 before I was born.  It was completely loaded with power windows and seats, air, cruise...It had it all. 

Here you can see the lower seats on the Brougham.  Also the LTD emblem also becomes a hood ornament in 1974. 

The rear end is the same as in 73.   The only difference is that F O R D is spelled out above the right tail-lamp.

Here is the cover of a Shell gasoline booklet that showed drivers some basics about car care.  The cover features a 1974 LTD Brougham in red with a white top.  It is a pillared four door with the stainless stell flat hubs on it.  The engine appears to be a 400...