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The 1973 Ford LTD
The 1973 LTD was reskinned below the beltline, gaining a flatter noses.  The bumper style also changed to a "federal" style.  The 73s were avaliable in several different models, including the base LTD, the LTD Brougham, and the Country Squire Wagon.  The sedan LTDs were available in two and four door models, while some four doors had pillared hardtops, some did not.  The Broughams were the more luxurious models which had high-back cloth seats. 

You can tell the 73s apart from the 74s pimarily in two ways:
1.  The 73 has an emblem to the right on the front grille, while the 74 has an LTD emblem as a 
      hood ornament 
2.  The 73 Brougham has high back seats, while the 74 has a lower profile seat.

I have recently gutted my old car.  Although my car no longer looks like this, I will keep the pictures up until the new LTD I'm building is complete.  Check out my project page for info.


Here is a pic of my 1973 LTD Brougham (and my 86 LTD Crown Victoria in the garage).  The color is bright yellow gold metallic, a color similiar to harvest gold that is found on early Mustangs.  It has 61,000 miles on it now, and still running strong. 

You can see the emblem to the right on the grill here.  This tells you its a 73.

Notice the back end lights.  Only the 73s and 74s shared this style.  The mammoth doors on the car open wide to expose the roomy interior.
Mine came equipped with the Canadian built 351 Windsor.  It had a small leak on it when I bought it, and as you can see I fixed it.  All the parts are stock.  No modifications here. 

Available engines included the 351W, 400, 429, and 460.  Most came with the 351 or 400, while Ford would build you one with a 429 or 460 if you ordered it.